Analyze and understand your audience with ease

Your channel

Monitor your streams

The perfect companion for your second monitor. Playback, chat, key metrics and graphical evolution of your audience, our live dashboard has you covered.

Track your channel's growth

Use our historical data to analyze your past streams by time range (day, week or month), game or session. Understand at a glance how your channel is doing.

Understand your audience

Zestats will automatically track and regroup your data to help you identify what your audience likes by game or time frame.

Visualize and understand their behavior to improve your content, schedule and their engagement with your stream.

Powerful Leaderboards

Keep your competitors in check

Find out who the top streamers for any game and/or language are and compare their performance with yours.

Advanced features


Zestats will automatically split a single stream in multiple sessions each time you change the title or the game, allowing you to easily understand the strong and weak points of your day.


If you have recurring shows, Zestats can help you visualize their performance by automatically tagging sessions based on their title, using easy to define filters (or manually).

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