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Find the most successful channels, games and languages grouped in our leaderboards as well as various overview charts.


Group, track and compare your competitors and dive in our detailed charts to understand how you perform against them.


Everything you could need about your channel is here: live dashboard while streaming and various historical data.

Are you ready to explore your data like never before?

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Monitor your current session using our live page.
Perfect on a secondary screen, the live page helps you track your most important metrics, monitor your leaderboards' positions and your closest competitors and see your feedback and chat.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Monitor your performance over days, weeks and months using your dashboard's tables and charts.

Get a data summary of any fixed or custom time period using our visually appealing charts.

Review and compare data for your Twitch VODs or sessions defined by your game changes.

See aggregated data for each game you played and quickly navigate to all sessions of a game.



Having multiple streamers on a single channel? Using our Streamers interface, you can now define and automatically or manually link streamers to sessions and have all the audience data of those sessions aggregated and associated with each streamer.


Do you have multiple recurrent shows? Using our Shows interface, you can manually or automatically link sessions to a show. You are then able to track and compare your shows' performance. You are also able to associate streamers with shows!


Do you manage several related channels ? With our multi-channels feature, you can track and access them all with a single account. You can even manage streamers or shows across all those channels seamlessly.

Do you have custom needs?


Streamer Lite

Everything you need to track your live and recent stream performance


  • Basic Statistics
  • 30 days History + Live
  • Top 500
  • Your channel highlighted


  • Basic Statistics
  • 90 Days History
  • Live Dashboard
  • Past sessions detailed Dashboards
  • Commercials
  • Games


Go further back in time and use more complex and meaningful statistics


  • Advanced Statistics
  • 180 days History


  • All Statistics
  • Full History


Select and get a quote for what you need among the full range of Zestats tools

    Leaderboards & Channel

  • All Statistics
  • Full History
  • Multi-Channels


  • Versus
  • Groups


  • Shows
  • Streamers
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About Us

At Zestats, we are specialized in providing actionable insights of the video game streaming scene.
We developed a fully-integrated platform and powerful tools which allow every professional and ventures to track and monitor the performance of their channels.
We aim to shed some light into a scene becoming more complex each year by simplifying the whole analyzing process with our technology.

Our service is intended to all ventures wishing to invest in the gaming and streaming field.
We help streamers to monitor their performance, brands to find new trends, publishers to monitor their marketing campaign.

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